We will shortly be starting to invite the next group of patients for their second COVID-19 vaccination. At present this will only be those patients who were vaccinated here in the practice on or before 19th February. This clinic will take place on Sunday 18th April. While we will be calling to invite patients, you can also phone to book your appointment.
Regarding vaccine passports, the Scottish Government is looking at a solution for this. Patients are advised NOT to contact the GP surgery about this as we cannot provide any standardised document to comply with international certification standards (notwithstanding the fact that they are still busy drafting said standards).
Clotting risk has been in the news again; please refer to the NHS Scotland advice on this issue, https://clarkstonmedical.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/COVID-vaccine-and-blood-clotting-leaflet.pdf. The upshot of this is while there is a very slight increased risk of atypical blood clots, this remains a very rare event and you are far more likely to have a serious COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation, or death prevented by being vaccinated than you are to suffer a blood clot.
Stay Safe, Stay Well.