Thank you to everyone who has rolled up their sleeve for a COVID-19 vaccination and to all our staff and colleagues, including the DNs, who have been of immense help vaccinating.
We’ve been reliably informed that between our practice and our sister practice, Drs Boardman, King, Earl & Boyd, from 14th Jan-8th Feb we vaccinated 95.1% of our patients over 80, and 93.7% of our patients aged 75-79. We don’t have stats yet for the shielders, as most practices only started vaccinating that cohort on Monday. We are well on track for having vaccinated everyone in these cohorts who wants to be by close of business tomorrow.
Thank you to all of you and your carers who attended at such short notice to help us get so many of you vaccinated. I think I’ll go with Dr Earl’s response to the news by means of celebration:
Stay Safe, Stay Well 🤓💉