Here’s some information ahead of Saturday’s flu clinic for 18-64 year olds. Almost all of you with appointments should receive a text with this information.
Obviously, we will need to maintain social distancing during the clinic, and masks should be worn throughout. In order to keep things moving and keep everyone safe, please observe the following:
★This means ANY new cough *OR* ANY fever in the last 10 days *OR* any new loss of sense of taste or smell. The clinic will be busy and we will not have time to debate a cough.
★Likewise, if any household member has any of these symptoms ALL household members need to self-isolate, so if someone in the house has a fever, etc. STAY INSIDE and do not come to the flu clinic to queue up with (and infect) other vulnerable patients!
★Apologies to all of you who are staying informed and following the rules, but recent experience has shown it’s really not possible to repeat this message enough!
Please come alone if possible. It’s fine if you need to be accompanied by a carer. No touching surfaces within the building or in clinical rooms if possible. Please wear a mask and use hand sanitiser on entering the building. Please wear short sleeves! You will be asked to remove your outerwear on entering the building and carry it with you. If you are early then please stay in your car until 5 minutes before the appointed time.
We will be doing our best to make sure each individual has as smooth and quick a journey through the clinic as possible to reduce the chances of transmission of COVID-19.
Finally, for the over 65’s – Please be patient, leave it at least two weeks before deciding that you haven’t received your flu vaccine appointment letter. In that case, do not call us – call the Adult Flu Line 0141 201 4180.
For general information about this year’s flu vaccines, see our previous post: