Drs Boardman, King, Earl, Boyd & Cruickshank

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Welcome to Clarkston Medical

Drs Boardman, King, Earl, Boyd & Cruickshank

We are a group of five doctors, aiming to provide an excellent standard of healthcare to our patients.
As well as our regular practice staff, we also from time to time have medical students and other health professionals who attend the practice for further training. You will be informed if a student or any other visiting professional will be present during your consultation.
If you are at all uncomfortable with this, it is perfectly fine to decline to have them present. This will not affect your care in any way.

Register with the Practice?

First, please check the custom map in the registration section to check if you live in our catchment area. Exception applies, of course, to new children born to or fostered/adopted by already-registered patients.

Please note: new children are the only exception; you cannot register adult relatives / visitors with us if you live outside our catchment.

If you change your registered address to a new address in a postcode we no longer support, as per Health Board guidance this means the practice would unfortunately not be able to keep you on our patient list. In this eventuality, if you need help to find another GP the Health Board can advise of the nearest one to you that is taking on patients; they can be contacted on 0141 300 1300.

The quickest way to register is to use the electronic form. All fields are required and provide us with the basic information required to request your records from the health board and immediately enrol you as a patient on our system. After you’ve pressed ‘submit’, we’ll do the rest.

If you’d prefer to complete a standard NHS registration form, click here to download a registration form. The downloadable form can be completed electronically as long as you download it. You can either hand in a hard copy or email your completed form to ggc.gp49214suggestions@nhs.scot

Use the Online Services?

You can register here for your own Emis Patient Access login. This is a secure portal through which you can order your repeat prescriptions and book appointments to see a GP. If you have already registered, click here to login.

Make an Appointment?

First of all, check that you do need to make an appointment to see a GP – there may be a more suitable alternative for you. The East Renfrewshire Know Who To Turn To website is an excellent resource to help you find the correct source of assistance.

You can find out more about our appointments, including house calls, at our appointments page.

You can either telephone us on 0141 648 5858 between 8am and 6pm or you can use our Online Services to book an appointment from your computer or smartphone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note: if you turn up late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule to avoid inconveniencing all the other patients who are waiting.

Order Prescriptions?

Online: you click on any of your repeat prescriptions listed in your Patient Access file and click on ‘submit request’. There is also a blank box for you to type in the name of any other medication you wish to request. Alternatively, you request your medication via our own online form.

By telephone: Phone 0141 648 5858 and select the option for prescription ordering. This will be recorded by an answer machine when we are closed.

In person: hand in the right side of your prescription to the GP Surgery, ticking the items you wish to order. Write on it any other requests.

Pharmacy: you may be able to arrange with your pharmacy for them to order on your behalf so that you don’t have to remember to order your medications.

Please note that no matter the method of request, there is a turnaround time of TWO WORKING DAYS for prescriptions.

Get Medical Attention When You're Closed?

Between 6.00pm and 8.00am Monday to Friday, and 6.00pm Friday to 8.00am Monday, and on public holidays, the surgery is closed. In order to obtain medical advice at these times, please telephone 111. A receptionist in the emergency call centre will answer your call.

They will either:
Arrange advice from a doctor or nurse.
Invite you to attend the centre to be seen by the doctor.
Arrange a home visit if you are too ill to attend the centre.

Transport to and from the centre is available if you cannot arrange this yourself. Please take a leaflet for further details from reception. Out of hours cover is now the responsibility of NHS GG&C. [NHS24] If you require urgent medical attention that cannot wait until the surgery re-opens please contact NHS 24 on 111 or visit their website at www.nhs24.com

Get My Blood or X-Ray Results?

Telephone the GP surgery and select the option for getting results. If your results are back and have been viewed by the GP, the staff will pass on to you as helpful a message as possible from the GP. Please do not quiz the receptionist about what the results mean, they are not qualified to discuss this with you.

Please do not ask the staff to ‘chase up’ your results, neither they nor the GPs have any influence over how quickly the hospitals return the results to us, and we review all the incoming results in a timely manner.

Request a Fit Note? ("Sick Line")

Please see our Fit Note page for full details regarding requesting a “sick line”

Request a copy of my medical record?

Please see our Subject Access Request Policy page for full details regarding requesting a copy of your medical record, or some of it.

Register with us Now!

Please make sure you have read our Practice Policies before applying to register with the Practice.

Please note that, in line with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde advice, for the forseeable future we are not currently accepting registrations from patients who are already registered with another practice within our catchment area. Our current catchment area is exclusively postcodes G76 7– and G76 8–.

You have two options for registering with Drs Boardman, King, Earl, Boyd & Cruickshank;

1) You can use the online form below the map.

2) If you’d prefer to download a paper form and fill it in, you can click on the ‘Paper Registration Form’ button below.

**By any method, please be sure to submit a separate registration for each family member who wants to register.