Information for patients at risk of severe complications of COVID-19:

In the next week or so the Scottish Government will send out a letter to patients who are at the highest risk of severe complications should they catch COVID-19. The letter will contain advice about the very stringent but necessary steps these patients must take to protect themselves from catching it. (Over and above the social distancing rules that ALL people must follow.) It will also have advice about extra help these patients can access from the Government to make sure they can still get food and other essential supplies.

Further information about patients for whom this is relevant, and a copy of the CMO’s letter can be found at:

For these patients, the practice will be in touch with you soon to discuss your letter and make sure you understand the advice and also to discuss any other help we can offer. Please note, the letter is not being sent by us, nor has the list of recipients been generated by us – it is the Scottish Government in both cases. We thought, however, it might be helpful to make the letter available to you and your loved ones, in case delivery fails for whatever reason. The letter contains comprehensive advice and hopefully is fairly self-explanatory.

In addition to publicising this letter and contacting the very high risk patients, we wanted to warn you that the Scottish Government has asked that we proactively seek to discuss issues surrounding your care, should you become severely unwell with coronavirus, including the ever-emotive subjective of resuscitation. This is an often misunderstood situation, so please find below a patient informtion leaflet about it which will hopefully clear up some of the myths surrounding resuscitation.