Allied Health Professionals

The Practice benefits from the services of various Allied Health Professionals, provided by the Health and Social Care Partnership. These highly trained professionals can offer you services, using their experience, that are better than those delivered to you by your GP. See below the current members of our extended multi-disciplinary team.

Our pharmacists may contact you by telephone or see you in the surgery or even at home to discuss your medication. This may be offered if you are on many medications, or complex drugs or have just been discharged from hospital. Sometimes they will just be making contact to clarify issues with your prescription or a request you’ve made.

The Link Workers can spend more time with you than a GP and are particularly good at signposting you to various forms of support for various non-medical needs. At last count, they have forwarded our patients on to more than 120 other care providers! Your GP will advise if visiting the Link Worker is your best option.

Karen Macdonald

Practice Pharmacist

Helena Brown

Practice Pharmacist

Munza Jabbar

Practice Pharmacist

Carol Cooper

Pharmacy Technician

Larissa Macdonald

Advanced Practice Physiotherapist