Practice NHS Services

All GP Practices are contracted to provide General Medical Services (GMS), defined by the British Medical Association thus:

Under the GMS contract, practices must provide essential services required for the
management of its registered patients (and temporary residents) who are, or believe
themselves to be, ill (from which recovery is generally expected), terminally ill, or suffering from chronic disease.

These services are to be delivered in a manner determined by the practice in discussion with the patient. Management of patients includes offering consultation, and where appropriate, physical examination, and making available treatment or further investigation as is necessary and appropriate, including referral to other health

Our contract for GMS Services is held with Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board. If you have any concerns about our services provided you can contact the Board HERE.

We also provide the following Additional and Enhanced Services:


Should your GP or Chronic Disease Nurse recommend that you have spirometry to assess your breathing problems, Dr Masson can now undertake this for you, saving you a trip to the hospital and an 11-month wait.

Contraceptive Services

We can provide a full range of contraceptive services; any GP, Sr Brown and Sr Jackson can do your “pill check” and advise you regarding alternatives to the pill, including the injection, the implant (performed by Sr Brown and Dr Andrews) and coils (performed by Dr Andrews). If you are thinking of getting an implant or coil, please make a telephone appointment with the relevant professional.

Our practice recommends alternative methods of taking your contraceptive pill to the 21:7 regime you may be used to, in order to reduce the chances of unplanned pregnancy. Please click here to download our information leaflet which explains the rationale and your options.

Child Health Surveillance
Your baby’s six week examination will be undertaken by one of the GPs in conjunction with the Health Visiting team. All your child’s standard immunisations will be provided by the Health Visitors. You will be notified directly by the Health Board when your child is due a vaccine.
Maternity services

We will look after you, from pre-natal and conception counselling to antenatal care and postnatal follow up.
In most cases, on discovering you are pregnant you can call the maternity self-booking service on 0141 347 8422. If you have a chronic medical condition or are taking prescription medication, you can speak to us about how this affects your pregnancy.

Blood Pressure
The practice has invested in a 24-hour blood pressure machine, which aids diagnosis of high blood pressure in borderline cases. This saves you a trip to the hospital to have this done. The GP will recommend this if it is indicated.

The practice has invested in the latest 6-Lead AliveCor ECG devices. This allows us to assess various aspects of your heart’s health, quickly and on-the-spot in the surgery. These devices are approved for the assessment of palpitations, atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm problems. You will only need to go to hospital for a formal paper ECG if that detail or a cardiology opinion is required.

Near Patient Testing
Regular monitoring, by blood pressure and urine tests, for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis and bowel problems. This saves you trips to the hospital just to have these tests done.
Minor Surgery

Both Dr Morrice and Dr Masson can offer a variety of joint injections, if deemed clinically appropriate.
All GPs can provide cryotherapy treatment to appropriate skin lesions, at their discretion. Follow up freezing is offered by nurse Joanne in the “wart clinic”

Fit Notes ("Sick Line")
Please see our Fit Note page for full details regarding requesting a “sick line”
Sexual Health Services
We offer full STI testing including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, HIV (Hep B &C if deemed necessary) using swabs, urine and blood tests. All tests are carried out by our team of friendly Nursing and Medical staff (Drs Masson, Andrews and Maredia have Diplomas in Sexual Health) meaning a trip to the Sandyford or paying for costly private screening is not necessary. All results are of course strictly confidential…