Dear All,
Wanted to let you know about a new system that is on offer for completing health reviews of many types remotely. This is in partnership with MedLink Solutions, a company created by GPs for GP practices to enable improved flexibility of care. We think it will really suit those of you who need to touch base with us periodically and are happier to do this from home or the office instead of having to take time to come in.
The general gist of it is, using a totally secure online platform to submit to us the information usually asked by the GP or Practice Nurse, e.g. height, weight, blood pressure, peak flow readings etc. and then the appropriate clinician reviews your answers. If there are any concerning answers, or if you want to, you will get a call to discuss. Each MedLink review is very thorough, covering all the same points covered in a Chronic Disease Review, and all the information imparted is based on the official NHS guidelines.
We have sent out some of these already, and I can tell you that so far 90% of people would recommend it to others and, if I may quote anonymously:
Very easy to complete – don’t have the stress of attending appointment or worrying about going to doctors” – Patient on 9th June.
You can check a couple of examples of how it looks at your end here:
So, don’t be concerned if you receive a text inviting you to partake of an online review – it should make sense to you e.g. asthma invite if you have asthma, pill check invite if you’ve just requested your pill, and so on.
It won’t be long until we have those body scanners like McCoy in Star Trek… 🤓