Dear All,

Not much change overnight as far as we’re aware. Thought would just give some brief reminders / links, aware that some of you may not have seen some of the older posts.

Many of you may be thinking that the 14-Day isolation rules seem a bit OTT, so I wanted to post the attached photo which is a very succinct explanation of why it is important to do so. For those of you who are bored sat at home in isolation, or those who are just inquisitive by nature, I refer you back to the excellent article from the Washington Post which explains the transmission of viruses in more detail:

That explains the effect of social isolation on the spread of the disease and the following YouTube video explains the big picture of why it’s important to ‘flatten the curve’:

Other things you need to know:

  • You do NOT need to phone us or 111 to report that you are having to self-isolate.
  • You do NOT need a sick line for the purposes of self-isolation, whether due to your own illness or that of a household member; this is a UK Government decree and employers have to bide by it.
  • We do NOT have testing kits in General Practice, so please don’t phone to ask.
  • We will NOT be providing holiday cancellation forms for you cancelling your holiday because it’s not safe to travel – that is cancelling due to Government advice and common sense, not being told to cancel on your own medical grounds.
  • Do NOT stockpile medications or the community pharmacies will run out, putting others at danger

All the information you require regarding symptoms, preventing catching coronavirus and self/household isolation can be found at:

More official detail regarding social isolation is available at:

And detailed advice on staying at home – including the confusing subject of ending isolation – is available at:

All these links are collated right at the top of our website,

For those who prefer telephoning to online, there is a helpline 0800 028 2816

Stay Classy, Clarkston