Dear all,
with the information changing on a daily basis, it is difficult for us to completely assess the threat from Covid-19 coronavirus. We do think it is prudent to take some preventive measures though, primarily to protect the vulnerable and avoid disruption of services due to closure of the surgery as a result of infection. We had a meeting today to discuss what measures to put in place in addition to the communications we have already put out to you.
Many of you will already have received a text message this afternoon reminding you of the need to stay away and with the details of information sources (as below). We’re aware that not everyone is on Facebook or our website, but thankfully 73% of you are contactable by mobile, hence the communication. Please share the information widely.
We also decided to suspend online booking TEMPORARILY until this blows over. We understand that this is an inconvenience for those of you who like to use it, but we can’t take the risk that infected individuals book appointments and come in, spreading the virus to the practice. This means that everyone will have to book via the telephone service, which will now include screening questions at the outset for all patients.If you are deaf – and only if you are deaf – please use the suggestions form on our website to let us know if you need medical attention:

Over the next two weeks we will be phoning patients with appointments already booked the day before to ask these questions. Here is what the receptionists have been asked to ask you, so be prepared to answer these questions, please:

Due to recent developments with coronavirus we are now asking some questions before booking any appointments.
Do You Have A Fever?
Do You Have a Cough?
Have You Had Contact with Someone with Confirmed Coronavirus?
Have You Travelled to a High Risk Area as Identified on the NHS Website?
Actions to Be Taken:
If Patient answers YES to Any of the Above:–
• Add appointment reason “COVID19 Screening Done”
If Patient answers NO to ALL of the Above:–
• Continue to Signpost and BOOK an APPOINTMENT if required,
• Add appointment reason “COVID19 Screening Done”,
• Inform patient that if they develop symptoms before the appointment date then they need to let the practice know and this appointment will be changed to a telephone appointment.
If Patient is Unsure:–
• Direct them to the nhsinform website – or telephone the helpline on 0800 028 2816
• Ask the patient to call back once they have the information required.
• Add appointment reason “COVID19 Screening Done”.
We thank you for your patience and adherence to these safety measures during these potentially difficult times. If we all do our bit, hopefully we can avoid this becoming a crisis and can resume our normal services ASAP.
Coronavirus helpline: 0800 028 2816