Dear All,
Last night’s announcement by the PM was a big game changer for all of us. Effectively, the country is in “lockdown”. We all now need to stick to staying indoors and only essential travel.
Anyone who still has an appointment booked from before these measures please do not travel to the surgery, we will call you.
For prescriptions, we want to minimise the number of trips and contacts so for anyone who hasn’t already done so, please use the suggestions form to nominate a local pharmacy and update us with your contact details in case we maybe don’t have a current phone number. The hardworking community pharmacists are still picking up prescriptions from the practice, and this will not only reduce the numbers of folk out and about but will also help them manage their workload.
The front desk at the practice is manned but is in “lockdown” to enable you to keep your distance from staff and vice versa! We are trying our hardest to protect all our amazing, dedicated staff so that we can keep going about business such as telephone calls and prescription requests to the best of our abilities whilst observing the lockdown.
Your best source of advice, as ever, remains the excellent NHS Inform coronavirus page:…/infection…/coronavirus-covid-19
And, just to reiterate – you do not need to double-check with us regarding isolation and you don’t need a sick line – follow the link below for the crisis measures isolation note you can use and employers have to accept:

Anyway, hope you enjoy the latest version of the video – improved soundtrack, I’m sure the boys won’t mind me using it to help save the world…oh, and the answer is: YOU SHOULD STAY.