So…there seems to have been a recent flurry of men attending, asking for a prostate cancer blood test (PSA), citing reasons including ” all the other boys at the golf club have had it “ and “ to keep the wife happy “, but never ” because I’ve considered all the pros and cons and on balance think it’s a sensible option for me “!
To help decide, I’ve posted a couple of links below so that you/your husband/your dad can do some reading about prostate testing before coming in. The first is from the American National Cancer Institute ; you can ignore the bits about Medicare, but otherwise it’s very well written and logically laid out and the science is internationally applicable. The printable version is linked too. Below that is the UK version.

Please do not just make an appointment with one of the healthcare assistants or nurses and ask them to do a PSA test, it’s not fair to put them on the spot like that as they are not trained to have the conversation with you like the GPs are.

A final word, gents: if you’re serious about getting your prostate checked, expect a rectal exam along with your blood test – you didn’t think you’d get away with just a blood sample when the ladies have to have smears, did you?! 😆 CM